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Teenage Love Affair♥

Teenage Love Affair♥

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MiiSzAshley By MiiSzAshley Completed

A 17 year old girl, named Camille Edwards and her mom and dad lives in a dangerous-ghetto neighborhood. Her mother is a crack fiend, and her father is ever barely around, roaming the streets. She lives in a broken-poor neighborhood in the housing projects, figuring out ways to turn her life around. Camille hasn't been the brightest of many 17 year old's. But It wasn't her fault for growing up with bad parents. She has a two year old daughter from an abusive boyfriend named Tyrese Jackson (19) who is a street pharmacist and a gang member. Since her parents aren't there for her and since she's an only child, Camille has grown to take care of herself and go to school all on her own. In order to help pay half for rent, for her daughter, and for her boyfriend she is a local tutor in the neighborhood. When that doesn't work out... She goes into illegal situations in the streets in order to make the money every month. She ultimately has a breakdown and figures that nobody would ever truly love her until she met a guy, a guy who would love her, cherish her, and help take care of her. If only she would let him. It ain't easy growing up without good influences, but only Camille can figure out the pursuit of happiness in her teenage love affair.

I hate when people do this like I'm gone call them and be like text me and hang up
Hazeleyeshortie29 Hazeleyeshortie29 Feb 11, 2016
She cant be serious she should of left when she got the chance to.
YaGirlsFavo YaGirlsFavo Nov 26, 2016
She passed too much. If he was gon steal yo bag he would've left when you was crying dumba**
ExpressiveTae ExpressiveTae Nov 28, 2015
Of course she won't, she'll end up with an STD or a child at fifteen. Yup, no forgetting that.
ExpressiveTae ExpressiveTae Nov 28, 2015
Y'all some insensitive people, yeah she's very naive and stupid for not just leaving. BUT she's never had that type of affection before. That's all she wants even if she's getting it in a bad way.
naika_flawless naika_flawless Jul 28, 2015
ARE you stupid or what. he was just beating the crap out you.