The Gang Leaders choice *COMPLETED*

The Gang Leaders choice *COMPLETED*

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"I know you want me Gemma" He whispered slowly into my ear. "Stop denying it for his sake, love me like I love you" He pulled me towards him, making my heart skip a beat as his lips lingered across my collarbone. It was the gang leaders choice. Why me? 

Gemma, is the dorky 17 year old girl who lives with her Aunt because her parents are doing god knows what, god knows where. 

Astor Cesar moved into town when he was put on a risky job that could cost him everything. His plan was to leave quickly but instead he found himself falling for a girl he shouldn't. 

Josh is the gang leader, feared by all in the city and not to be messed with. He has plenty of girls drooling on him so why hasn't he committed?  His life is risky and he rarely has time for anyone. So why is he so open  to risking his multi-million dollar illegal business to get the girl he wants?

lala_luvv lala_luvv May 14
Ugh why the name jeremy... he dated my friend and he like mental dear god AND I sit next to him in class ugh eww
She knows me to well..WHAT IF WE'RE LONG LOST TWINS 😱😱😱
I love how she automatically just says he's a pig, snrk. I mean, she could be wrong. Maybe.
I'm sorry I have a very stupid question. Is Gemma a boy or a girl?😂
sadeb1 sadeb1 Oct 06
Ugh the male best friends always has a thing for the main character
throughtheheart throughtheheart Jan 04, 2015
Feisty! But true, but by the attitude of Astor I wouldn't care right now