My kidnapper is my lover (EDITING)

My kidnapper is my lover (EDITING)

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who_cares By live_life0020 Updated Nov 25

Aye my peeps it's your girl Migyanna. I'm 17 years old. Dark skin I stand at 5'0 short I know I'm a nerd considering I have no friends and get bullied.

  My parents don't know cause they to busy smoking pipes and sniffing shit. Anyways let me get dressed so I can go to this hell hole I call school I got dressed in a juicy Couture sweat suit with my customized sequence uggs. I pulled my hair up in a bun and put on my medicated ray-ban glasses.

  Even though I'm a nerd I have swag I went downstairs and went to the kitchen and grabbed a Oreo pop -tart and left out the door and locked it then started walking to school since I didn't feel like driving.

When I made it to school I walked in to be pushed in to a locker "bitch you think you cute". My bully Tikyia said how am I'm trying to be cute by having on a damn sweatsuit. I picked myself off the floor an dusted off my clothes the bell ranged I had 5 mins to get to the other side or the school I started walking. While walking I had a fee...

Jahnaeda Jahnaeda Apr 03
Picture doesn't match the description & this is cliché asf 😴
TheKidBre TheKidBre Apr 15
I imagine Mr Davis as my 7th gr math teacher so he's white now
PrettyGirlCiCi PrettyGirlCiCi Nov 25, 2015
She just bully you cause can't nobody pronounce her name from sight😂😂
bodeegoode bodeegoode Nov 14, 2015
I'm interested in reading the rest of this U have my attention and curiosity in
envyshayy envyshayy Sep 05, 2015
U should change Migyanna back to the other light skinned girl
DiamondMangum DiamondMangum Mar 02, 2015
Loving it so far, just for future references check spelling and punctuation. Other than that it is a good storyline !