Jeff The Killer Love Story

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_Go_To_Sleep_ By _Go_To_Sleep_ Updated 3 years ago
Typical Killer Love Story.. Jeff The Killer.. Just Read The Story.. Summaries Are Too Mainstream XD (Jeff The Killer Is A Creepy Pasta Story)
I believe that party sucked ass but I can't do any better for Pete's sake I have never made or been to an accual Halloween party
Cant lie The relationship that Melissa and Jasmine havé reminds me of me and my cousin 
Me- step away from the child, put the knife down
                                    Me-*throws ninja stars at his face then runs away laughing
                                    Bob-wth just happened
                                    *btw I write these random things frequently, so prepare for randomness! I only d this on awesome JEFF the killer stories ^.^ you fit that category
Awesome :D It has shorter chapters than other fanfics but I honestly don't care. ITS STILL AWESOME >:U
i like this story, its timed and not to fast were she loves his face she is scared and thats how i like it! nice jpo