The Grove

The Grove

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The Grove is a Wattpad Featured Story. 
Fifteen-year-old Fuchsia speaks like an average teen navigating the usual drama, but her community of tribes called The Grove is an even more terrifying place to be than the halls of high school.

The two major events in a tribe member's life are being pollinated, if you're lucky, and being picked, if you're not. Watching heads roll on a daily basis, Cord, a healer's son wise beyond his years, teaches Fuchsia how to break the rules of their limited society to support an underground movement with ancient roots. 

Romance and satire twist like vines as Fuchsia and Cord trade illegal secrets, sacrificing it all to save their tribes from a fate worse than death while stealing passionate moments in the meadow. Forced to choose sides in a century-old war that has ravaged the land, Fuchsia must put her fleeting life where her words are and hope the outcome will outlive the season.
 What a revelation!  And one I definitely didn't see coming.  Love this story! 
  ~ @amberkbryant
 I never saw that coming :o this book is so full if surprises and awesomeness, please keep writing!!! ~ @dreaming_in_seattle
 What a gorgeous chapter. Maybe my favorite of the book. So honest and sweet and exactly perfect in every way!  Yes to this!  And more! ~ @tamoja
I'm liking this story so much! I like the connection between perfumes, bees, buzzing and hovering in this chapter. Wonderful character building and the dialogues set the mood so well throughout the story! Great one! Fuchsia is my fave here! ~ @rosaimee
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ScarlettAcosta ScarlettAcosta Apr 14, 2016
Great beginning. I really like the fast pacing. P.S. Why is the best name ever.
Rayw1n Rayw1n Oct 30, 2016
I really like your book so far! It definitely has a unique feel to it, especially with those creative analogies. I haven't read much of botanical fiction before and I'm very excited to see where the story takes me !
ilovecatsplsnuhurt ilovecatsplsnuhurt May 29, 2016
Nice and can you read mine too :3 it's ok if you don't I will still be here ;-;
lkrice lkrice Nov 17, 2016
I enjoyed reading Pressed Flowers, so much, Christy.
                              This first chapter is a great start. I enjoy your writing style. Hope your vacation was great in the beautiful mountains. 😊❤
talkingflowers talkingflowers Nov 19, 2016
Aw thanks Lou Anne! I'm so glad you're enjoying the beginning of this very different story with the flower theme in tact. You are a gem,
shmancakes shmancakes Aug 18, 2016
This is kind of a copycat of my story... Even though I'm not as famous, mine is called the same thing and has to do with fantasy. What's up?