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Invisible- A Naruto Fanfiction

Invisible- A Naruto Fanfiction

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Kathy By CatThighs Updated Aug 14, 2014

Ayaka Hara has been on her own since her parents left her at the age of five. Being a small, quiet girl, people began to take advantage of her weakness and bully her, even Naruto Uzamaki, a boy hated by the whole village. When assigned to Team Seven, along with Naruto, the class clown, Sasuke Uchiha, the class heart-throb, Sakura Haruno, an annoying know-it-all, and their sensei, the copy-cat ninja, Kakashi Hatake, she sets out to become the greatest ninja ever and show her parents just what they left behind.

Haku_Fangirl Haku_Fangirl Dec 01, 2016
brokenheart659 brokenheart659 Nov 18, 2016
Well my friends do say I randomly appear and I scare normal people like gaara does so yea
GazinaHussain GazinaHussain Oct 29, 2016
I love all of you for having watched Kuroko's Basketball and now reading Naruto fanfics!!!! Seriously, I feel like I can connect with each and every one of you on a whole other level❤️❤️
Haku_Fangirl Haku_Fangirl Dec 01, 2016
Another book where everyone will hate Naruto's guts... I'm in~
CrystalizeMoonie CrystalizeMoonie Nov 08, 2016
looks like Im not the only one who thought that Ayaka is basically a female version of Kuroko xD
Um, no, Iruka wouldn't let her redo her courses for a petty reason like that. She isn't qualified to be a ninja if this was the case.