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Invisible- A Naruto Fanfiction

Invisible- A Naruto Fanfiction

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Kathy By CatThighs Updated Aug 14, 2014

Ayaka Hara has been on her own since her parents left her at the age of five. Being a small, quiet girl, people began to take advantage of her weakness and bully her, even Naruto Uzamaki, a boy hated by the whole village. When assigned to Team Seven, along with Naruto, the class clown, Sasuke Uchiha, the class heart-throb, Sakura Haruno, an annoying know-it-all, and their sensei, the copy-cat ninja, Kakashi Hatake, she sets out to become the greatest ninja ever and show her parents just what they left behind.

cuitechan cuitechan Apr 01
Hahahahaha *sings* its been a long day without you my friend and ill tell you all about it when i see yiu agin ahahhaahah *sings* I bet i sucks to be you right now
cuitechan cuitechan Apr 01
This book is making me hate naruto the character not the show show lives on fo eva
HiayanaNii HiayanaNii Jun 20
B¡tch, please. Your to blind Hun. Now STOP TRYING TO HURT POOR AYA!!
Kakashi and Naruto definitely would - you've made them severely OOC.
INSaNiTY_Controls INSaNiTY_Controls May 26, 2016
I'm listening to Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez rn it(to me) just connects to the story
silverlockedbook silverlockedbook May 03, 2016
I love these fanfic because it shows how Konoha is. Its a great place, but not the most acceptable. They only accepted naruto after he was a celeb, sasuke cause of he's clan, it makes sence for them to not accept her. It hits me right inntghe feels doe.TT.TT