Looking For Mr Rabbit

Looking For Mr Rabbit

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Clare Macnaughton By ClareMacnaughton Updated Apr 16, 2015


Circa 1974 

(written by my mother Susan Margaret Smith)

The person that is best known to me is a little girl, who is three feet tall with fair hair, hazel eyes and an engaging smile. She is called Clare and she is my daughter. We have built up a relationship over the last two years, which has been achieved slowly by trial and error. It has taken a lot of patience and understanding on my part. Clare's contribution has been to be herself and make her demands understood.

Clare has always been good at making clear what she wanted. When she was a baby, she had a loud cry, which she did not use constantly but when she did cry, my first thought was to stop her. From the very beginning, she made it quite clear she was not going to be fobbed off with kind words and gentle handling. If she was hungry, she wanted feeding immediately - no waiting until the milk was hot or if the milk was too hot, for it to cool down. If her nappy was wet it had to be changed. The two things that w...