His Bride

His Bride

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When negotiated marriage turned out to be more than that…

Just a little tiny sneak peek:

Declan seemed to have trouble expressing himself. I was glad he managed to show his real feelings to me. I pulled Declan to me and wrapped my arms around his waist. He returned the hug; his breath tickled the side of my cheek, “Thea…”

 “I know,” I breathed, “I know,” 

I felt the wedding ring sitting on my finger. I wasn’t ashamed to admit that I was falling hard for Declan. 


I groaned when she grind her lower part on my hard-on. She smiled when I response. “Thea, that isn’t fair,”

“What’s fair?” She retorted, kissing down my neck and I let out a satisfied groan, “Alright alright. You win, he stays!”

I was going to bring it further but she pulled back and jumped away from me with a teasing smile, “What should we name him?”

I glared at Thea, “Tease. Name him Tease,”

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memeicious memeicious Jun 02
It's so weird to see my name in a book, especially with the same spelling (If I ever do see it its usually 'kiera' or 'kira')😂
Socializing to me is walking in the door assessing how many people there are then walking back out cause I don't want to talk to any of them. 😂
kaela4lyfe kaela4lyfe Jul 23
U know. God gave u 2 capable hands, and perverts, who are also smart people that invented sex dolls and all those other stuffs. So u good yo go
Love Boyce Avenue & Backstreet Boys❤❤❤😍😍 never heard this cover.
itshetta itshetta Jun 29
Will i can be perfect for the role but im really bad with maths so get someone else to do that part
itshetta itshetta Jun 29
Lol she's already calling him gorgeous and all that, and she really thinks she wont fall for him. Like she obviously likes him from the way she has talked about him, he's obviously not like the other billionaires who are always describe as "heartless" hahah.