destiel one shots

destiel one shots

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Annie By consultingdivergent Updated Apr 14, 2015


-Dean and Castiel have been best buddies since kindergarten, then in 6th grade when it seams like their relationship is about to crumble, It's rebuilt in a new way and they become each others first relationship.

- Castiel always kept a journal and wouldn't let anyone ever look at it. But one day dean steals it and finds it has a surprising content, him.

- Dean and Cas spend their first Christmas morning together after they've moved in together.

-Dean and castiel are both computer nerds who then meet in computer programming class and fall in love.

-Romeo and Juliet? More like Cas and dean.

-Castiel is a piano genius and is about to have his big break while his boyfriend dean watches through the crowd.

- A love story by. Dean Winchester

- Dean and Cas are always flirting but haven't realized the other feels the same so Sam and Gabriel decide to take matters into their own hands.

- Dean and Cas had a no girls aloud tree house in Cas' backyard when they were 8. (and enjoy...

Where were middle schoolers this perfect when I was in middle school
CivicsXSoul CivicsXSoul Jul 09
And all their hearts grew 1/999999999999999999999 bigger today
SalemsLady1 SalemsLady1 Jul 24
It's either Charlie or Becky. I'm betting gay smut on Charlie
legit-luci legit-luci May 30
This reminds me of my friends relationship her and her girlfriend got together in 6th grade and shared several kisses
I love the fact that everyPONY in this comment section are reacting to the word "Dan"...
This doesn't work I don't think cause Charlie is openly gay… but ok, I guess XD