The Tutor

The Tutor

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This book is under major construction I am currently going through and fixing ALL of my errors because when I wrote this I had pretty much no experience at writing so please bare with me. 

(My inline comments I had before will not be shown because of the editing, ugh that sucks lol)


Nevaeh Rose (Nuh-Vay-Ah)

"Here take this," I held my hand out with a lolli pop in it to my 1 year old nephew he wouldn't stop crying because his mom, my sister, wouldn't let him eat one.

He wobbled over to me and snatched it from my hands and sat on the ground staring into space. 

I turned my attention back to my homework. 

"Y'all spoil this little boy way too much!" My big sister, Temprest, yelled picking up her son and kissing his cheek. 

I looked up at her and rolled my eyes, it's not even that serious.

My sister Temprest and I are the closest out of my mom and dad's 6 kids. She's 23 and had her son, Markees when she was 22. So you could say my parents are pretty old. 

"You got t...

This really does sound like summerella I love her 😭😍❤
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It only eleven something but why does it feel like it's 2 something. Summerella😀🔥😻
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I can't be mad because he doesn't know who it is so lemme chill