The Winter Soldier and His Black Heart

The Winter Soldier and His Black Heart

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Betty Bad @$$ By BettyBA Updated Mar 15, 2015

Cassandra Black seemed like a simple enough woman when she was approached by Alexander Pierce. She worked as a bartender, paid her bills on time, didn't even have a single speeding ticket on her record. 

Her true life had been carefully and meticulously hidden from the prying eyes of anyone outside of her family. 

Pierce knows the truth, at least he thinks he does, and takes her to be one of his two greatest weapons. 

Winter Soldier and Black Heart. 

When the two fall in love, no one could have anticipated the effects of their relationship.

Soldier is starting to remember. 

Black is slowly spinning out of H.Y.D.R.A.'s control. 

Cassandra has a plan, one that could save both of them. 

Unsure of what she has to sacrifice she carefully knits together a plan to ensure that she is three steps ahead of her captors at all times. 

When Soldier starts to remember his past, will he still love Black? Or will she have to make the hard choice and free him from the sights of the loaded gun that has always been her life?

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ShamelesslyImperfect ShamelesslyImperfect Sep 21, 2014
This is amazing! I was so surprised but I am in love with this book. Cassie is brilliant and I love the way she sticks up for James. She's so strong willed but it's obvious that he's her weakness and I absolutely love it. Please update soon because I can't get enough!