Losielette And the Boy With The Mechanical Heart (Watty2015)

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Danni Allan By x_Luminous_x Updated 2 months ago
Losielette is a quiet girl living in 1924, whose life is comfortable, yet dull. That is, until she's kidnapped by a rogue time traveller  on the night of her wedding.
    Her captor is a dark-haired, wild looking boy with eyes like ice, and a personality to match. He's ruthless, stubborn, does what ever he pleases, and will stop at nothing to try and break Losielette's spirits.
    The only thing she knows about him? He's on the run from the law and faces a possible death sentence if he's caught. He refuses to tell her even what his real name is. 
    When she finds herself pulled into his life of crime, her life becomes chaotically action packed. Accompanied by a pink-haired girl, and a boy so handsome he can hypnotize people with his looks, the four of them travel through the plains of time, running from whoever wants her kidnapper dead.
    But how can she see cope with travelling hundreds of years in the future which she should have never lived to see?
    Current cover by @weeknder
When reading this line I thought of the song 'Hold on We're Going Home' lol.
@x_Luminous_x No, no that's fine. It's already really captivating. :D (And almost every story I've written is the same way; I started at fourteen in first person and only changed the POV. >_< I'm just too lazy to edit.)
Agree with Katrin on this one, it's really not flowery at all. It was a great start - slap bang right into the action and already encouraging some sympathy for your main character and sneakily getting everyone to root for her 
Btw I was real fond of your old cover with the pink font, why'd change it, i mean this own is nice but the old one grew on me  and I seriously need to catch up on this story
How did you come up with this idea? I guess what I mean to ask is what was your inspiration?
Hooked from the first chapter ❤❤❤❤ I'm in love so far!