Black Combat Boots

Black Combat Boots

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All I wanted to do was get a pair of combat boots. Black ones. 

I walk into the shoe store then walk to the aisle with combat boots. I've been here so many times to stare at them that I have the aisle memorized. 

I'm Dylan, Dylan Daniels. 

My family isn't poor. If you could call it a family. It's Mom and I in a townhouse.  It's just my mom is a workaholic and I'm lucky if I see her for a minute. Some eighteen year olds would get high or drunk every night. She's not my mom, she took me in when my parents got in a car accident. She tells me to call her mom.  

In my case I work at Roquefield Towers as a receptionist from 1:30-5:00. 

If I ever want to buy anything I have to pay for it. Including food, any food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. 

I walk to the Checkout Line, four people in front of me. I wait. When it's my turn, five men/guys in black clothing and black ski-masks walk in with guns aimed all directions.

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Did she the shoes?....probably not something most people would think about in this situation....
So she just got kidnapped and now she's getting dropped off at her house?🙄😂😂
Ayyye KY fam that's a hella great movie. Not scary in the slightest
cupcake721 cupcake721 Aug 16
No, i was checking how many brain cells died from being in your general vacinity
cupcake721 cupcake721 Aug 16
We go to-gether like ramma lamma lamma ramma da ding dee dong
camillsy123 camillsy123 Aug 24
Srsly it's the fourth time I've found my name spelt like mine in the past 2 days