East Bridge

East Bridge

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Sofia Darcy By SofiaDarcy Updated Feb 22

Mysteries. Secrets. Lies.

After having been pestered to enroll at East Bridge Academy, an elite boarding school in rural New Hampshire, Amberley gives in despite already being deep into the school year. Having been raised on Nancy Drew novels, she comes with an agenda of her own - as she sees it, East Bridge is a mystery waiting to be solved. 

Why would the headmaster go through such effort to persuade her to enroll at East Bridge, especially so late into the year?

What reasons did her parents have for lying to her about attending East Bridge themselves? 

And most of all, was it more than a coincidence that East Bridge first reached out to her only days after her father's untimely death? 

Amberley intends to find out, and upon arrival, scours the school for stories better left in the shadows. But what she soon uncovers is not at all what she'd been expecting. A society nearly a century old demands her initiation, and when she agrees, if only to get closer to the truth, she is swept into an elitist world she never knew existed. Along with riches and praises, she befriends a group of misfits and in time, they grow closer to each other than the families they left behind.