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He gets done with the call, puts his phone in his pocket and slowly starts walking with me towards the wall. With his dark eyes glaring at me. Uh ho uh ho. Once we hit the wall, he roughly holds me by my neck and whispers in my ear, 

"god you drive me crazy.", I let out a heavy sigh.

A love story which knew no bounds. A love story that will captivate you. A love story of a relationship which passed through heaven and hell. A story which had to be broken mercilessly, only to be.........

Rachel was a bit weak hearted, but when a storm hit her, she collapsed for a while but stood taller than ever. Whereas, Lewis is a person who is a bit deceiving cause of the field of business he is in. You cannot really rely on his words. He is brilliant at faking. So one has to make sure you dont fall in his trap of words. 

The book is not only a love story but also a person's growth in life in all aspects.