Like A War

Like A War

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"Do you have what I need?" says an authoritative voice. She searched for the face of whom who spoke and she saw him as he flickers his lighter and puffed out smoke. His index fingers pushed back his dark shades to be more fitting.

She glared at him, who the hell does he think he is?

Yes, he is handsome on the outside but he's definitely rotten on the inside. The man was so arrogant that everything about him looked now unattractive. He must be under some illusion that makes him think he got the world at his fingertips.

When no answers were given his men directed their weapons straight at her. She gulped, maybe he was as powerful as he seemed.

Warning: Slight Mature Content

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StrangerT1des StrangerT1des Aug 07, 2017
You might want to get an editor for the book.  It's kind of hard to understand with the syntax and diction errors. But it's still a good base.
TheWannaBeArtist TheWannaBeArtist May 15, 2016
I was gonna be like :OMFG she married Leonardo DiCaprio but then I was like omfg I'm so stupid. Then i laid down to think about what I had just said.
CarringtonMurray CarringtonMurray Jan 24, 2016
You don't know how much I can relate to these last 6 paragraphs.
natalima15 natalima15 May 31, 2015
Please write in their point of view   you are so good at it ❤
SassyRedShay SassyRedShay Apr 25, 2015
i wish you'll finish this book cause it's seem it'll be good
Lovely_Shantee Lovely_Shantee Apr 20, 2015
welp I am officially a fan of your books ;) I read the first book and loved it . I even read Finding you. I can't wait to read this one ;)