The Spill Over

The Spill Over

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#48 in Teen Fiction as of 2.6.2016.

Meet Ashley, the latest transfer student to Oakridge. She's shy, sarcastic and fun loving but only once you get to know her.

Enter Zac, the insanely popular guy who detested new people. 

They don't exactly get off to the best possible start. In fact, it's quite the opposite- their first conversation ever happened because Ashley spilled coffee over Zac's 'lucky' sweatshirt right before an important match. 

After exchanging a lot of sarcastic comments over time and conversing only when they felt the need of passing snide taunts on to each other, will they actually discover that the other person is not half as bad as they imagine them to be? 

Can the battle of wits that started out over spilled coffee turn out to be something completely different from what everybody imagined it would be?

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I went to kindergarten in one school then in first grade I moved to a different one I was shy but I already was friends with a girl who went there. Now I know like everybody and she is one of two of my best friends.
Tobay_chi Tobay_chi Jun 22, 2016
Ok zac opinions might be farfetched
                              But that makes Im a unique character
                              The book got promise #scrolls to next page
hopejules12 hopejules12 Apr 04, 2016
I just want to say that I LOVE the cast. Sorry sound so weird
najpaj2000 najpaj2000 Feb 08, 2016
Six times. I even switched schools in the middle of first grade one time. I went from alabama to california.
clichefall clichefall Jun 20, 2016
is this a boarding school or something bc usually student exchange programs aren't like this
6lauren6 6lauren6 Jun 20, 2016
I went to three different elementary schools and two middle school