The Boy Who Stopped Fighting

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Rachel By rgan19 Completed
One secret. One secret is all it takes to destroy his entire life. What happens if you have the perfect life and everything vanished in a blink of an eye? What if you stop fighting for your life?
    A short story. Read to find out more.{Completed}
who isn't? if u cry ur empathetic it means your a kind and loving human being! nothing is just a story to us bookworms stories become a part of ourselves with each word we bring to life
I'm... crying.. Even though this is just a story, damn I feel horrible for Dan. For anyone who thinks killing themselves would be better than trying. This is amazing and I love it, even when it's super duper sad!!!
This story's message is so beautiful, thank you for publishing it.
I like your intro it gives of a clear feeling, im just hoping that it isnt really the end and that like on the cover he'll somehow finds his way out of this emotional paradox.
I seriously loved the way you ended the story. it was really amazing. :)
tho really sad and depressing but still.its a beautiful story... It is really amazing