Until. (Larry Stylinson AU)

Until. (Larry Stylinson AU)

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"NO! Tell me it’s a joke. Please tell me you are kidding"

Losing your family isn't easy to cope with specially when the remaining want you dead more than death itself. 

But there is someone, someone who comes and helps cope. Someone who makes the pain a little less and the heart a little lighter.

Louis lost his all in one day and was about to lose himself,

This is the story of Louis Tomlinson: a teenager who is trying to survive his last year in the place he dreaded for 10 years. This is his journey, the journey where he finds pain, hatred, love, closure, tears, friends, acceptance, passion and a family.


This is my first attempt and I would love some feedback. It might seem like a traditional Larry with broken Louis, but it has just the twists and turns to make it just a little more different. Join me with Larry, Niam and Zid!

(Warning: Contains scenes of some extreme physical abuse and suicidal thoughts. Also a hell load of feels)

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larrrycuddles larrrycuddles Jun 04, 2017
It's been a long time I haven't seen a characters list in a book
LarrehShippeh LarrehShippeh Aug 31, 2017
*screaches* welcome to America!!!!! What's it like in America tho..
Lou-Haz-Ash-Lukey Lou-Haz-Ash-Lukey Feb 08, 2017
I Don't Know How To Feel It's Amazing Literally Like Omg Louis And Fizzy Are The Only Ones Left I Wanna Know What Happens Now
ItxIsxWhatxItxIs ItxIsxWhatxItxIs Jun 07, 2016
I literally have these nightmares about my parents whenever I'm faraway from them
dis_bitch_luvs_1D dis_bitch_luvs_1D Nov 27, 2016
I say that to my friends almost ten times a day because they get on my nerves😂😂😂
Larryaf67123 Larryaf67123 Sep 09, 2016
Fanfictions messed with my emotions so I just sat here with a straight face