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The Chemistry Test

The Chemistry Test

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ari By tennisfumes Updated 5 days ago

Chemistry is much more than just balancing equations.  Sure, the problem is fine and dandy once it's been solved, but like the expression goes, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.  

For Zoe, the destination is all that matters. 

Zak is determined to prove her wrong.
  When issued a challenge by their eccentric acting coach to discover the workings of chemistry and its relevance to West Burrow High's production of Juliet and Romeo, the two high school seniors find themselves stuck.  
  Little do they know their acting can only support them for so long.  But with the help of a few friends, they're determined to make it, to defy the odds, and prove even the most certain wrong.  
  Because as mentioned before, chemistry is much more than just balancing equations. 
  And once feelings get involved, it becomes a thousand times more complicated than even that.
  cover by @-averagesky

LidiyaKolonina LidiyaKolonina Sep 13, 2016
Absolutely love this❤️ the comparison and contrast is adorable with Eyore & Piglet and true chemistry
tennisfumes tennisfumes Nov 14, 2016
@MaraudersPotterhead Thank you so much!! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it and so thankful for your feedback!! ❤️
                              -Ari xx
Pink_Cheer_Girl Pink_Cheer_Girl Dec 13, 2016
Awesome start! Really painted a picture and set everything up for the rest of the story!
coety12 coety12 Feb 12
Hey Ari what if you just added a word in here to make it a more smooth transition?
tennisfumes tennisfumes Sep 12, 2016
@saksham219 Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy reading! (:
tennisfumes tennisfumes Sep 13, 2016
@LidiyaKolonina Thank you very much! :D I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far!