possession | boy x boy

possession | boy x boy

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Cringe™ By keychainless Updated Dec 20, 2017

Parties are usually considered a "night of drinking and fun." Keith, however, planned on going home after everyone reeked of alcohol.

He took a bit of a detour.

Instead of going home, the nerd ends up in the bed of his school's hottest, most successful jock.

And it doesn't seem like Lloyd wants to label this a "one night stand".

Drama ensues. Feelings are formed, crushed, and strengthened.


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Wow I’m shocked that he’s considered as a nerd he’s like really cute
oreogurl121 oreogurl121 Apr 05
i live in north Carolina! why do i feel like i have acheived something
Celeritasm Celeritasm 2 days ago
*sess that the story title is Possessed* nice name
                              *sees that people can have red eyes* IT ALL MAKES SENSE, GET THE EXORCISTS!
PrinXessOfAnubis PrinXessOfAnubis 4 days ago
holehmoleh holehmoleh 3 days ago
Why did the personalities, eye colours sound creepy/weird but the summary was like any other normal stories?
And my other man too? Well this is a definitely to read book ;)