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he's a "b i t" possessive → boy x boy

he's a "b i t" possessive → boy x boy

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Gay Cringe™ By keychainless Updated Apr 23

" A night of drinking and fun. "
Keith had planned on going straight home after everyone reeked of alcohol, however, he took a bit of a detour.
Instead of going home, he ended up in the bed of the school's hottest jock.
And it doesn't seem like Lloyd wants to label this a "one night stand".


↓ t r i g g e r
w a r n i n g (s) ↓
most likely alcoholism or drinking problems mentioned

may_is_swag may_is_swag Mar 21
Damn that name. Sounds worst than Summersberry Applewinter Newtonsmith.
SPrinceton SPrinceton 6 days ago
I love heterochromia it is so cool, I'm doing a research paper on it!!!
God_Of_Diversity God_Of_Diversity 3 days ago
I like the way he speaks it's proper English, honestly I can't stand people who shorten little words like why and you in their so called new age teenage speak like come on literally if your going to be so lazy not to text why or you don't bother texting me.
I think he has a WONDERFUL way of speaking, I would sometimes speak (actually its usually through text) like shakespear sometimes XD and then I would text like a teenager like I am *shivers* (its a weird way to text)
The_Champ_Is_Here The_Champ_Is_Here Dec 24, 2016
Not to be rude or anything but how do you pronounce his name?
"stop talking like a 19th century poet"   LOL   love that line.  though I've been accused of that very thing, I didn't find it the least but insulting.   :)    and neither should Keith.  :)  Maybe I'm biased.  Still love it