sebastian x neko reader

sebastian x neko reader

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Amy By amy_fair_heart Updated Jan 21

>first of all i want to say im amy and i made this story who really love sebastian black butler btw your gonna be found by sebastian and hope fully you guys will like it if any boys want to read this in male x bassy i will make one just send me a message i think ima make you a neko :3 if you want to be any other animal tell mehh! oki<

f/c)=favorite color (t/c)= tail color <same as ears) e/c=eye color 

 Your pov~

*as i walk down the streets of england cold my (F/C) dress al ripped my little (t/c) tail fluffy and soft hidding in the rear ends of my dress my ears are coverd by my (h/c) hair still the fluff is sticken out my cheeks red as my nose was all runny i sighed looking down knowing the place i came from was torn away from me i was a servent in a local wise men who just died and he was a very bad abuser i ran away once he died not even caring if he gave me anything in his will but while i was walking away from the manchine i was attacked by some strays i ran as fast as possible a...

Lady_Grell Lady_Grell Mar 14
If you need help with punctuation i could totally help you out hun!!!
                              Just pm me!
funny thing is I'm like sick right now and a little cold >\\\\\<
robincake robincake Mar 25
If you ever want an editor to fix what the people below~ are complaining about, I'd be glad to help!
pircethe pircethe Nov 09
Please please please please pleeeeas use punctuation it makes me not want to read books at times I have a feeling this could be great.
PansxuwhaleHippieBoy PansxuwhaleHippieBoy Nov 21, 2015
Sorry but I couldn't continue reading this. You have no punctuation and terrible spelling.
wandering-lost-star wandering-lost-star Nov 23, 2014
There was no punctuation or quotients so I didn't know if someone was talking or not.