Against the Current~ Kakashi Love Story

Against the Current~ Kakashi Love Story

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Before going to the Land of Waves, the Hokage assigns a girl to the team for that mission. Uzumaki Shizuka. Her and Kakashi has some history together, as they both fought in the same war with each other. The war where he almost lost her...

"Shizuka! You can't just fight them off like that! It's like swimming against the current, don't do this!", a silver haired ninja exclaimed.

"Then... I guess I have to change the current's direction." -Uzumaki Shizuka

Keep reading to find out Shizuka's past, abilities, and how her love life turns out.

ON-GOING Message of January 2015: WARNING, SLOW UPDATES.

ON-GOING Message of February 2015: Still slow updates guys! Trying to find time to write~

ON-GOING Message of March 2015: School is killing me. Trying to update at least every 2 weeks or so.

ON-HIATUS AS OF APRIL: Probably until the end of June, sorry to disappoint.

DISCONTINUED: Maybe I might update, most likely won't though.

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ishipthem2184 ishipthem2184 4 days ago
sakura .....
                              What are snorting and lemme get some.
leena3xiumin leena3xiumin Jan 29, 2016
she forgot the "my bad" followed by a smirk XD but i still like her
kyiaaaaah kyiaaaaah May 23, 2016
Cant spell IMPOSSIBLE without POSSIBLE , ha !!! 😁😁
                              ...... Nahhhh , juss kiddin , im so lame😒
HiRandomPerson2k17 HiRandomPerson2k17 Feb 29, 2016
Didn't you hear her? She said she was older than you/team 7 by 13 years!!
Kazeouki Kazeouki Feb 07, 2016
Wow same height as Kakashi? 181 cm is pretty high for a woman
DamagedMrJ DamagedMrJ Nov 10, 2014
Mission: Get Kakashi jealous. Progress: Update status needed.