Naruto's Big Brother

Naruto's Big Brother

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Angel_With_A_Shotgun By Sasukeismahbisch99 Updated Nov 28, 2015

Kaname Namikaze was six years old when his mother went into labor with his little brother. 

The same day his parents died. The same day the demon fox Kyuubi attacked Konohagakure. That same day was when his life was destroyed.

12 years later, Kaname returns but this time as an S-rank criminal and ex-akatsuki member....and naruto doesnt like it.

VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Jul 12, 2016
Wait, why would the village let in a criminal that was ex-akatsuki....nvm, they let Sasuke back in so imma be quiet
Carnimops Carnimops Feb 10, 2016
Naru-ni, what Kaname is not embarrassing. When he was 2, my little bro once ran around the garden naked. That is embarrassing, not if u have a badass big brother
scribleyellow scribleyellow Jul 03, 2016
I'm just stating this here and now if anyone os getting together I want it to be him and kakashi
VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Jul 12, 2016
I just watched Boku no Pico (as a dare) , all three episodes, and when I saw the word "Kaname" I , for some reason, thought about a lemon with Kaname and Yuki AND Zero *shiver* wtf is wrong with me
ButImANugget ButImANugget Dec 11, 2015
I can honestly only think of Kite from Hunter x Hunter..
                              *scrunches nose* ahhhh!
CelleArcel CelleArcel Apr 15, 2015
Naruto don't be ashamed of your brother! You should be ashamed when your brother went out of your house then started singing loudly at the front of your house