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Book 1 of the Alphabet Series
 "Will you share me?" Her voice timid but had flecks of confidence.
"No I bought you no one else has the right to touch what isn't theirs."
"So if they paid?" She left the question open.
"I don't own a whore house."
She released a breath she had not known she was holding. He was not so bad to put up with. At least he was attractive, and she would not have to deal with a repulsive man panting over her and sinking his teeth into her tender carmel flesh.

"Will you be gentle?" 

She was not aware if she was allowed to ask that question, but she had the right to know. Well in the world she was in now she technically had no rights. All Falen was allowed to do was follow every command of her master. She looked over at the delectable mouth of Ian. It was in a permanent smirk that scared her, but caused her vaginal folds to become drenched. 

"Little one, I will be as gentle as any horny vampire could."
That's what scared her the most.

But she could feel a whole different set f eyes on her. They were animalistic in another nature.

In her dreams she sees two sets of beautiful eyes watching her. Drinking in the beauty of her body. 

What does Fate have in store for her?

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Teniapinklove Teniapinklove Nov 19, 2017
Lowkey feel like my friends would let walk out the house like that and than tell me I look like a full course meal
- - Mar 12, 2017
I really don't want to comment because that would make this the 124th comment instead of just 123 but this was awesome! Amazing job!
rose7191 rose7191 Jun 30, 2016
The face you make when someone you don't
                              Like talks to you 😂😂
Moonbeatx Moonbeatx Jun 04, 2016
BOI😂😂😂😂😂😂 why it look like she got smacked in the face by a powdered donut 😂😂
NubianxNostagia NubianxNostagia Jul 29, 2016
She must also be thinking 
                              ".....will my dog come with me too Orr........"
- - Aug 25, 2016
Girl u say ur bad at writing. I love this book the description is so good👍🏾.