Forever Yours

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**Forever Yours and it's mini sequel, FY Bonus, is under revision!
    Maureen Carvelli, a young, pretty but socially inept heiress, has only recently been thrust up the social ladder defined by fame and wealth. Her large family has surfaced a state of poverty and obscurity, and with the starkly contrasted life of ease and luxury come certain privileges - like having an around the clock chauffeur for your every beck and call. Maureen reluctantly agrees to her father hiring her her own personal driver but it's only when she claps eyes on him for the first time that she thinks it was ever a good idea. 
    Ryan Adams is young, charming, and handsome; almost instantly, he seems to take an interest in his new employer, the beautiful, wealthy heiress, Maureen. The two hit it off but neither realizes just how quickly they will tumble into, what is, to Maureen, not allowed.
    Forever Yours is an unorthodox tale of love, that includes family, friendship, faith, hope, heartbreak and the momentous journey growing up entails. As Maureen finds herself spinning in circles, battling her conscience and the growing love she feels for Ryan, wavering between the great mediums of right and wrong. She will ultimately have to make the decision. The question is... once she makes her choice, what will be the consequences?
is there a possibility that you can have the old version and the new version in separate stories. I really love the old version but I don't mind reading the new version either....
I'm shocked to say the least. This was one of the first books I read on wattpad. After reading more than 400 over the years this was one of my favorite. I liked how innocent it was and the characters with the underling faith in God. I really hope it's doesn't change too much.
@TheAvidWriter You're so welcome :-)  !! Phew, thanks haha and I totally am!
It's okay! I'm glad I could help you out, even though it was with words. May god bless you also! Hope your life is better now. xx
Awww but I loved the old one :/ any whos u do wat u feel is best because it is in fact your story so write on cutie write on
we'll love it just as much or even more♥  hope you don't change it too much because it is your story whether it was written then or now you still went through it all. We with you :)