Love is at the Jersey Shore Pauly D love story

Love is at the Jersey Shore Pauly D love story

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myself and nobody else By lifeisntunicorns Updated Dec 19, 2013

Hey you guys my name is Ariana Guadagnino i am Vinny's sister he asked me to come to the shore house. I walked up to the shore house with my luggage and i knocked on the door. Snooki opened the door and i asked "Hey Snooks is Vinny here"

"Yeah Ariana" Snooks and I are really close friends i also forgot to mention I have a crush on Pauly. She went and got Vinny

Pauly walked up to the door and screamed ''ARIANA" He hugged me i hugged back he pulled back and got my luggage We walked in and Deena said "ARIANA YOUR HERE" Everyone heard her and hugged me and i hugged back Vinny said "You are sharing a room with Pauly over here" he winked at me yes Vinny was O.K with me likeing and dating Pauly

Pauly put my luggage in our room

"So were going to Karma tonight do you wanna join us" asked Pauly

"Sure" we walked out and Ron said "Ariana you've grown since the last time we seen ya"

"Yeah i know i had to get away from that house" 

"Why" asked JWOWW

"My dad was complaining alot" i said


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