Harry Potter Fanfic: The Me In Me! (Hermione Granger)

Harry Potter Fanfic: The Me In Me! (Hermione Granger)

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trinikirito By trinikirito Updated Jul 24

After the fall of Lord Voldemort in 1981 by the hands of a baby Potter, the Wizarding World is in peace. Now, at the age of 11, Harry Potter is on his way to Hogwarts, but meets a boy his age that goes by the name Thomas Donovan, a boy who was an orphan until the age of 5. 

Thomas is a very kind, witty and charismatic boy who sticks up for his friends and is determined to prove to Harry and his friends that he is of no threat to them, especially after he is sorted into Slytherin! 

Follow Thomas and Harry's journey as they navigate their school lives and find out more about their pasts, presents and futures. 

Thomas will face hardships of trust, love and friendship where he will eventually find his place in this world. 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or any other characters associated with the original fantasy series under the same name. I merely own my OC/s and anything related to them and the added on content of my own imagination. 

This is a FANFICTION for the book series originally written by non other than J.K. Rowling and it is also my first Harry Potter Fanfic on this app so please treat me well guys! Anywho enjoy reading the very first chapter! 


(A Hermione Granger x Male OC! Fanfiction)