Family's Chain [Harry Potter] (COMPLETED)

Family's Chain [Harry Potter] (COMPLETED)

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Harry's life with the Dursleys had never been the best. Being abused, being scolded and being starved was his life until Hogwarts came into his life. It saved him from being with the Dursleys for 10 months and a place to have friends. That is where he found his two best friends; Ron and Hermione. 

Soon he will be taken away from that missable place to a place where love can be found. A place that he never dreamed of having. It was a dream come true. Parents will be standing behind him welcome him with their love and protective arms. He will soon be taken care and leave that awful muggle place forever. 

His parents return has and will change his life forever. They had never died, they have children and they will have their long lost child back, even though they had missed 13 years but love will still and always hang between them.  

All rights to the wonderful J. K. ROWLING! (Except the Potter children). There are a lot of Grammar and Spelling mistakes and I advise you to ignore them, my grammar will get better as the story goes on! 

This is not a romance story, there will be a bit inside, but this story is more focus on Voldemort's defeat. 


  • dumbledore
  • granger
  • harry
  • hermione
  • hogwarts
  • james
  • lilly
  • moony
  • padfoot
  • parents
  • potter
  • prongs
  • remus
  • return
  • ron
  • siruis
  • voldemort
  • weasley
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the-golden-empress the-golden-empress Jun 16, 2017
                              THESE BÏTCHES BOUTTA GET THEIR ÅSSES  K I L L E D
Dove00 Dove00 Apr 03
I thought Sirius didn’t really know much about the Dursleys. Oh is this just the story. Sorry.
elogoic elogoic Oct 10, 2017
CRUCIO!!!!!! AVARA KEDAVRA!!!! DIE!! PIW PIW!! *Vernon and Petunia dead*
phoenixfeather28 phoenixfeather28 Nov 13, 2017
It's a really great chapter in my opinion you know. And its only the first chapter my hands are itching to turn the page so I can read the next chapter.
PNCbooks PNCbooks May 13, 2016
Harry was never physically abused, like the type that left scares, by them