The Lycan King

The Lycan King

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Mauna Heya By MaunaHeya Updated May 30

Have you ever given your heart wholly to someone, only for them to bury it along to their grave? 

That's why Regina can't forgive her mate for what he did. And now, she starts anew with her rogue friends with a mission to take down the person who made their lives miserable.

But as if fate tries to be funny, turns out her next mate is the Lycan King? 

She didn't find it humorous at all. She's all set to fight her destiny or she'll die trying.

Can our heroine succeed? Or will the Lycan King offer his bed to a mate who's out to kill him?

_xlileax_ _xlileax_ Mar 15
Oh.. Sh¡t well she has a creepy/scary dark side also. M'kay 😊
well, I know an epic background music to like, help you lift your mood up (I think)
xoxoramie xoxoramie Mar 14
I had one of those as a baby.  well I still have it but obviously it's too small to wear. it's so beautiful and it's made of gold.
The feels whyyyyyyy I can't oh my god oh my god you guys the feels (TT)
Is Frey a girl or boy because I am a girl and my name is Freya
reginalove37 reginalove37 Jul 21, 2015
My name is Regina, first time I've seen a story with my name in it lol