The Hunters Saga #2: The Wolfsbane Rubies  ✅

The Hunters Saga #2: The Wolfsbane Rubies ✅

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  "You don't know what control is."
  I blinked. "Okay, so... I'm stuck with you until I die?"
  "For all eternity," he nodded, smirking a little. I crossed my arms. "Eternity's a long time, especially for a vampire like yourself. I'm sure you're find someone else."
  "I doubt that," Henri muttered back softly. His cinnamon scent tickled my nose, openly tempting me, and I wanted so badly to kiss him. To tell him I... loved him.
  Was that the Mark talking, or was it just me now? 
  Henri moved aside, watching me quietly as I slid into the black leather padded front seat of my new Mustang. I buckled up, ignited the engine, and put the vampire - as well as The Wolfsbane Rubies - far behind me. I felt the Mark rise up with every aching pound of my heart as the distance between us grew, as if he and I really were tied together somehow. 
  It would be hard to stay away.
  Extremely hard.
  I felt that vampire with every inch that expanded between us. 
  This bonded thing would be harder than I thought... 

This is Book 2 of The Hunters Saga!!
1st draft, so there WILL be mistakes!  
Cover thanks to @AlexandraSinclair1!

*Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, peril & angst, rude humor, mild language, occasional innuendo and sensuality, and graphic imagery in some places. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*

The Wolfsbane Rubies 
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