The Hunters Saga #2: The Wolfsbane Rubies  ✅

The Hunters Saga #2: The Wolfsbane Rubies ✅

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  "You don't know what control is."
  I blinked. "Okay, so... I'm stuck with you until I die?"
  "For all eternity," he nodded, smirking a little. I crossed my arms. "Eternity's a long time, especially for a vampire like yourself. I'm sure you're find someone else."
  "I doubt that," Henri muttered back softly. His cinnamon scent tickled my nose, openly tempting me, and I wanted so badly to kiss him. To tell him I... loved him.
  Was that the Mark talking, or was it just me now? 
  Henri moved aside, watching me quietly as I slid into the black leather padded front seat of my new Mustang. I buckled up, ignited the engine, and put the vampire - as well as The Wolfsbane Rubies - far behind me. I felt the Mark rise up with every aching pound of my heart as the distance between us grew, as if he and I really were tied together somehow. 
  It would be hard to stay away.
  Extremely hard.
  I felt that vampire with every inch that expanded between us. 
  This bonded thing would be harder than I thought... 

This is Book 2 of The Hunters Saga!!
1st draft, so there WILL be mistakes!  
Cover thanks to @AlexandraSinclair1!

*Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, peril & angst, rude humor, mild language, occasional innuendo and sensuality, and graphic imagery in some places. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*

The Wolfsbane Rubies 
Copyright © RJ City 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

ImSpecific ImSpecific Jun 17, 2016
Do you not shower?!?!? Everytime you get ready in the morning, you just change your clothes!
JaniceVanSteenburg JaniceVanSteenburg Dec 13, 2015
I can't wait to to see how these two get together. like REALLY get together. They have a connection that they seem to be trying to resist. I like how you are writing them. XO Janice
Mokita Mokita Apr 06, 2015
I already read this chapter, but it's been too long to just continue where I left off, so I'm starting this book over again. :P I forgot how much I love the way you start out things. :)
- - Dec 31, 2014
These books are so good! I love it! I literally read the first book in a day XD
Mokita Mokita Oct 16, 2014
Loved it :) I thought nothing could top the awe-inspiring start of the first book, but seriously... this might just be even better. AWESOME
Mokita Mokita Oct 14, 2014
"artery party"??? :P hahahahah 
                              Okay, I need to go to sleep for real now. I'll read on soon though ;) Have a good day/night/whatever time zone you're in ;)