Meeting You (Destiel High School AU)

Meeting You (Destiel High School AU)

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New year. New school. 
Dean and Sam Winchester had been moving a lot. But this time it'd be permanent.…hopefully. 

Dean is a nerd. Straight A's all 'round. He meets Castiel Novak. Popular guy. Not so good in grades but hey he'll do anything for Dean. He doesn't know why but the new kid intrigued him in a way no one else ever did. 

Sam is five. He meets little Gabriel Novak. A mute. Even though Sam doesn't have a clue what the boy means with his hand signals, he's determined to be friends with him.

art by Tsuki-Nekota on tumblr

Author, you have my attention already no need to have my soul
I'm warning you already I'm a very bad reader to have as I'm sarcastic towards every sigle thing. I'm the fanfic equivalent of CinemaSins, so I apolagize in advence, I'm not hating on it I'm just a party pooper
"Bitch, I know I'm cute but if your eyes burn me more I'll soon become a chiken nugget"
This fuckung five year olds are smarter, more sufisticated and have better grammar than me. I already hate them all
Well for someone who is supposed to be "shy" Sam is giving to whoever pays
He is mute isn't he? Yes, I love mute characters for some reason