The Stygian Princess

The Stygian Princess

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In a day where money sentences a person's life, Louise was born in a humble family. She lived her life like a foreigner in her own hometown. At the age of nine, Louise's father was mercilessly killed in front of her eyes, taking one part of his daughter away with him.

A path reaches upon her re-assuring her that it will make her family's days better, that was when Louise knew that she discovered why she was living in this sinful unwanted cruel world;

Blindly, she steps towards it, ignoring all the triggered threats. They warned her to stay away from that murderous palace, and what did she do? She took in their warnings wordlessly, ignoring them completely.
Once you do a specific action, you can never cancel it, and that was what Louise had understood. But it was too late. 

Time awaits no-one, and when it's lost, you can never regain it.

''When you begin a journey of revenge, start by digging two graves, Louise,'' Mr Aristol told her, his eyes burning her brown ones like fires. 

''A grave for your enemy,'' he said.
''And one for you.''

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