He changed my life

He changed my life

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Rose Like the Flower By Think_Again_xd Updated Oct 02

***Caution contains adult language and sexual context****

Hasikey Stone is a really nice and shy 16 that just moved into a small town in Georgia.
And her family isn't the most loving family in the world with her 3 older sisters that don't really pay attention to her unless it involves them and her parents are never home.

What she finds in this town will change her life forever......


Blake Cooper was not you average 17-year-old boy.

Of course he looked like it he was captain of the football teams from he was the hottest guy in school and all the girls wanted him even the older ones.

Even though he could have any girl in the entire school he never had a girlfriend or has been even seen with a girl not school related.

He was never mean to girls he just didn't like them but, he was raised up to be a gentleman( so his father thought) and every girl that has asked him out...
He denied and left them in tears.

He always had a mean but , sexy look on his face and ever girl wanted to date the badboy of the school but no one ever did...

On the first day of school,
He got out of the car and walked up the stairs and bumped into someone.

She feel to the floor and her books scatterd. He was about to tell her off until he saw she was crying and for once he felt something inside his chest. 

Once his eyes meet hers he knew

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nittcatore nittcatore Apr 09, 2016
I like ur story so far. I'm going to read more. So please do t stop writing. Cuz this is only the first page
appiarius17 appiarius17 Sep 02, 2016
I love your story so far but i am going to read the rest of it then i will let you now how the hole story was Love Alyssa Appiarius 7 grade