Count My Scars ➳ Teen Wolf [book 1]

Count My Scars ➳ Teen Wolf [book 1]

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Ashley By akalei Completed

"She's not broken, she's stronger then ever"

Daire Argent has been hunting for as long as she can remember. Her mother always told her that the monsters were the werewolves but Daire believes that she's the monster. Cutting a tally into her wrist every time she hunts so she remembers she's the beast, the killer. Now that her secret's out her mom sends her away to live with her aunt and uncle. Giving her a normal life one she believes her broken daughter deserves. But Daire isn't broken she's stronger then ever.

Just count her scars.

{Season 1}

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Talesxx Talesxx May 17, 2016
is it pronounces 'dare' or 'dairy' im sorry if its a stupid question but i really want to know
TakeMeToNeverland100 TakeMeToNeverland100 Dec 29, 2014
I love this story soooo much! Keep writing can't wait to read more