I'm Not Alright ||Ticci Toby||

I'm Not Alright ||Ticci Toby||

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||First Place Winner - @CreepyPasta_Awards - Winter 2015 Awards - Ticci Toby Category||

Warning: Contains mature content unsuitable for those sensitive to gun violence.

Part I: I'm Not Alright
Leah's best friend, Toby, has been harboring a secret. Can she stop him before it's too late?

Part I: See You on the Other Side:
No one understands pain of losing your best friend. Especially when you're the reason he's gone.

Part III: Reunion:
It may take time but someday, you'll understand why.

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~While this was originally a reader insert story, it was eventually changed to fit one of my OCs for the sake of easier reading.~

NooseString NooseString Mar 28
Course take note kids if your freinds is absent for long periods of time, terrorist.
manglethemangled1 manglethemangled1 4 days ago
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tobyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T^T
I legit cried! I can't believe that a creepypasta story could be this good
True I want to say I did the same thing she did but I wasn't in control of myself somehow
0__Lost_Silver__0 0__Lost_Silver__0 Sep 14, 2016
I read this chapter and The song 'Someday by Nickelback came on 😭
Jenny1099official Jenny1099official Aug 09, 2016
My brothers birthday is November 3... 2014!!!!!!! I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!