It's Hard To Love A Fighter

It's Hard To Love A Fighter

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This is the second book to the 'Loving A Fighter' series!

This book will make absolutely no sense to you if you do not read the first book called 'To Love A Fighter'!

Anyways, continuing from the first where Skylar Bradley and Nathaniel Knight start dating and getting closer and closer, what happens when Skylar ends up pregnant?

Nate leaves Skylar without even knowing that she is carrying his child to protect her from some bad people and tries to get her to quit loving him by making out with other girls, being rude to her, ignoring her, but it is truly killing him on the inside.

What happens when Nathaniel finds out that he is a soon to be father?

Read to find out!

This book is personally rated PG- 13 to R because there is bad language and some adult scenes..

Sapphire2490 Sapphire2490 Jun 30, 2016
Women are stronger because we can also push babies out of our areas!!!
theDreamerNamedJas theDreamerNamedJas Mar 11, 2015
OMG!  That reminds me my grandpa was In Victoria's secrets looking for something he like for my grandma and held up a bra and it hit the things by the door and got all eyes on him and kicked out!!     ;)
anavaleriavega anavaleriavega Dec 06, 2014
Yea well guys always act like they are always on it!and girls have to deal with that