My billionaire's mistake

My billionaire's mistake

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Renee By Sillymilly01 Updated Mar 12, 2015

Why do people cheat on you?

Why do I feel like was on cloud 9 but now the dirt on someones shoe?

Why don't I just leave this life now, I'm not happy, No one loves me... My Boyfriend just cheated on me.. So why stay breathing the same air as him?

What's worst is that i've caught him twice. Once with my 'sister' and the other and final time with my 'bestfriend'. It just makes me wonder if the two years meant anything to him. Shit Leila... What a silly question.

Well now he won't have to worry about me he can carry on with whatever he was doing. 

Watch your back Jayden, Karma is a bitch....

(Contains Offensive language and  sex scenes. You have been warned) :)

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Sillymilly01 Sillymilly01 Oct 25, 2014
@desbellesy888 sorry I got busy finishing my assessments off. but I'm in the process of typing it out. give me a couple of days and it should be ready. if your lucky it may be done as early as tomorrow :) thank you for commenting