My Best Friend (Pokemon X Reader)

My Best Friend (Pokemon X Reader)

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SweetHeart2788 By SweetHeart2788 Updated Feb 18, 2016

You lives in Pallet Town your whole life. You finally turn 10 and now your finally get your Pokemon license. Your best friend Ash has been your best friend ever since you were born.

You started your adventure to become the next Pokemon trainer.



Each  chapter will be like a episode. Each book will be a season.

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NekoSans123 NekoSans123 Mar 24, 2017
I thought it said in your goldfish so I can't get THE SNACK THAT SMILES BACK GOLDFISH
Pokemon_Is_Bae_123 Pokemon_Is_Bae_123 Nov 28, 2016
Sometimes it happend to me. 
                              Once I was sleeping with my Togepi Plush and it ended up on the floor
DragonWolf951 DragonWolf951 Dec 30, 2016
Sounds like me, tackling someone 
                              Actually when I was little like 4 or so my sister was making me annoyed so when she finally pushed me to the limit I tackled her in the back seat XD
DragonWolf951 DragonWolf951 Dec 30, 2016
HA you kidding I thought myself comebacks and there pretty good too if I do say so myself. I had to teach myself if I was going to survive middle and high school, those and puns 
                              I'm a punny person
PotatoNugget2230 PotatoNugget2230 Oct 31, 2016
Oh shoot, for some reason I thought that Gary was re professor
Icey287 Icey287 Feb 20, 2017
Yes Yandre master I will use the Katana with great--- uhh NOTGING :|