Sleeping with the Mafia King

Sleeping with the Mafia King

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Kimberly Monteilh By Annabella-Isabella Updated Aug 09

In chaos, they saw opportunity. In beauty they found destruction; by addiction they found wealth and in their suffering they lost their humanity. 

Life seemed expendable in the life of Annabella Gaviria-Rizzo. After losing both of her parents through a wrong deal with the Mafia. Her brothers and sisters broken beyond repair; decided to take their birth right in a city plagued by addiction following in their Narco Families footsteps. Using the glory within their parents death; they became all what their parents wished to aspire in the American Continent. 

Little did she know they were stepping into fire when the Russian Mafia came for them. The haunting picture of beauty from a soul, corrupted beyond repair; plagued by a life  so torturous that death meant business and not burden.

Two unthinkable allies for the time being. 

A sinful lust that haunts them both. 
Two sinister souls deprived of love
A business which gives no chance for internal pleasure. 

Tell me? What do you do when you fall in love with the Mafia King?


EXOfreakforlife EXOfreakforlife Feb 08, 2015
Annabelle is a good name but it done because of the movie. Annabella, I think I like it.. I feel comfy with it instead of Annabelle
IIM_ForeverII IIM_ForeverII Sep 22, 2014
I love all the details you added! It's truly amazing :) Maybe you could give me some pointers on my book <3
Female__Weezy Female__Weezy Sep 18, 2014
@Annabella-Isabella I enjoy all your stories *hugs* they feel so real like I can actually see it