Sleeping with the Mafia King

Sleeping with the Mafia King

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Kimberly By Annabella-Isabella Updated Mar 23, 2016

Im not very good with descriptions, so I hope you check out the prologue and see if you like it, but here is my try for a good description:

What can you do when you're entire life is torn apart? When the most sacred of things have been taking from you? When you have nothing else but yourself to rely on, when the people you love can only count on you? This is the story of four girls who lost their parents due to the mafia. With a large family to take care off they have to become strippers to support their huge family. What will they due when a new mafia comes into their life? What will they do when that mafia wants to own them? Romance, Danger and Mystery.. What will you do when you fall in love with the Mafia King? 

This book WILL contain bad words, it might get hot and heavy. Their will be explicit descriptions and if you aren't comfortable with these things then this book might not be for you, but I really hope you check it out and enjoy this book!!

DrownedLeviathon DrownedLeviathon Feb 14, 2016
Never thought I'd hear someone say that about dirty old men...
blacknredxrose19 blacknredxrose19 Feb 08, 2015
Annabelle is a good name but it done because of the movie. Annabella, I think I like it.. I feel comfy with it instead of Annabelle
IIM_ForeverII IIM_ForeverII Sep 22, 2014
I love all the details you added! It's truly amazing :) Maybe you could give me some pointers on my book <3
Female__Weezy Female__Weezy Sep 18, 2014
@Annabella-Isabella I enjoy all your stories *hugs* they feel so real like I can actually see it
Female__Weezy Female__Weezy Sep 18, 2014
it has all my fav genres in one *hugs* thank u thank u thank u