Color of Love • Lashton

Color of Love • Lashton

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Baby By Larry_Lashton Completed

❝Sometimes my eyes show emotions I don't even realize I'm feeling.❞

Where Luke's eyes change color based on his mood, but they never turned purple until he met Ashton.

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Sure... "Dick on dick is better than dick on vag" ~ Lucas Breadstick Hummingbird
ʟօաҡɛʏ ʄօʀɢօt tɦɨs աas ʟasɦtօռ aռɖ աas ʟɨҡɛ աɦɛʀɛ tʄ ɨs ʍɨċɦaɛʟ
Desynate Desynate Aug 16
Lol, something tells me if anyone mentions the Phandom I will be deleted 😂😂😂
Desynate Desynate Aug 19
Oh dear, I had my first phone at 9, or basically in 4th grade, God I feel spoiled...shhhh
hexedd hexedd Sep 03
MY EYES are lik REALLY Blue and everyone always says something about it
Desynate Desynate Aug 19
If money isn't a problem hunny trust that I can make use of it, a whole lot of it