Color of Love • Lashton

Color of Love • Lashton

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❝Sometimes my eyes show emotions I don't even realize I'm feeling.❞

Where Luke's eyes change color based on his mood, but they never turned purple until he met Ashton.

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yaoimangalover yaoimangalover Aug 18, 2017
Sure... "Dick on dick is better than dick on vag" ~ Lucas Breadstick Hummingbird
kim_0409 kim_0409 Dec 29, 2017
My eyes are brown but when I get mad they look almost red, people get scared by it but I don’t get mad easily so it doesn’t happen often
adriianadanielle adriianadanielle Dec 19, 2017
Bottom Luke makes me uncomfy but...I'm willing to overlook this slight roadblock for the strength Lashton gives me
artsyotaku_001 artsyotaku_001 Dec 22, 2017
All the music I listen to is either Japanese, Korean, or "Emo bands"
jay_sqaud_af jay_sqaud_af Dec 29, 2017
Welp my eyes change from grey, blue, green, and like a weird like purpleish black color.
I got my phone in 8th grad eand only csude i was goig to disney for shool and its cheap and shitty