Oblivion  {completed}

Oblivion {completed}

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Thea Muse By thea_muse Updated Nov 23, 2015

Can't remember highest ranked but I think it was 185 in werewolf.

By the way, I know there are loads of spelling mistakes- I was 13 when I wrote this  lol.

She's hot, she's fun and she's more than you can handle but she's not normal. 
Cassie is a werewolf. 
She's seventeen soon and will find her mate, she's also an Alphas daughter. 
What happens when the mate she's longed for is a total badass, an Alpha of one of the most powerful packs in the world? 
If her dad, is a bastard. 
If he never raised her? 
If her mother's dead? 

If her world is more than just wolves and humans?
If she never had love?

Will she get it from Asher, or not? 

 I appreciate comments, votes and just plain old fans! 
Love ya! Xoxo
Cast included.

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lmcdonald1234 lmcdonald1234 Jul 05, 2017
^i also live with my aunt and uncle and brother (+ plus all my annoying cousin who like to pick on me 24/7🙄)
lmcdonald1234 lmcdonald1234 Jul 05, 2017
I was litterally so confused because I didn't read this authors note and I went through the whole book instead and I was so confused I was like HOW IS THIS COMPLETED??😂 I'll definitely read your authors notes now btw😉
lmcdonald1234 lmcdonald1234 Jul 05, 2017
Omg this story description reminded me of me because My dad was never in the picture (jail before I was born) and my moms dead and my stepdad was a bastard ( so was my dad ig since he's in jail)
Lunabelman Lunabelman Jun 22, 2016
Well tbh Cassie herself kinda acted like that a couple min ago in the teachers class ya know
Sara-Alberta Sara-Alberta May 11, 2016
Noooo I really wanted my name to be in this book but not this way yyyyy
samanthaluvu samanthaluvu Jan 04, 2015
I got kicked out of science club in 4th grade with my bestfreind before she moved for saying that to this boy