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A New Toy To Play With [Yandere Jeff The Killer x Reader]

A New Toy To Play With [Yandere Jeff The Killer x Reader]

142K Reads 5.1K Votes 24 Part Story
. By MateaMichaelis Completed

》Yandere Jeff the Killer x Reader《

1st place in Jeff the killer category in Creepypasta Spring awards 2016. 


            Try to escape. Try to run. You will fail. He will catch you no matter what. And will do anything to keep you there with him. He will have no mercy. Will he get to kill you in the end? Or maybe not? Who would know... 
        ~Find out by reading this story.....


Story cover by amazing @Kittyhugsyou ♡♡♡

                              I thought of Alois' brother cause I'm pretty sure that's his name right? 
                              Oh and then there's Jane... Yeah.
Uhh nerp *stabs self with knifey and respawns in the same place* I did that 4 nothing.....
Me: OH GOSH *takes alcohol off Sally* 
                              Sally: WHAT WAS THAT FOR 
                              Me: *hands her a rock* there 
                              Sally: a rock? Seriously 
                              Me:  it's for your own good
Wait... wait... WAIT!!!! It's called the wood not the woods?
Oh śhit are we gonna get butt raped 
                              I'm not even sorry 😂
I will find you... And I will kill u!  (I just saw it on a try not to laugh)