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Regrets after rejection

Regrets after rejection

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anaanndreea By anaanndreea Updated Sep 12, 2016

"You're pathetic,weak,fat and ugly.Why would someone want you as their mate?You're disgusting and just a waste of space.I Caleb Edwards reject you as my mate!Since now on stay away from me!I don't want to see you ever again.If you'll keep comming I swear I will kill you!"

With this words he broke me.I used to think that your mate will love you forever.But I could never be more wrong.On my 16 birthday I met my mate.Caleb Edwards.With shinning black hair, emerald green eyes and a perfect body.He was the Alpha's son, the strongest warrior and every girl's wet dream.And he was supposed to be mine.When he found out I was his mate he played me like a puppet.I thought he accepted me but he wanted just one thing from body for one night.He then rejected me in the most shamefull way and gave me no choice but to leave.But he didn't know something.I was pregnant with his child .

After a painful rejection Mirabella decided she had enough.Her fmilly treated her like dirt and her mate didn'

peaches0707 peaches0707 Jun 02
Seems like a good Alpha and Luna would know what went on in their pack? If they cared that is.
kandibourne67 kandibourne67 Nov 26, 2016
Love the story it's so good don't care about the spelling or grammar your doing a good job please keep the good work up
jtoughkat jtoughkat Nov 17, 2016
Hello! Are they blind? The omegas are skeletal what does that say?
Stargaza Stargaza Feb 26
Great book I can already tell it's not going to be a 'cliché'.Good job author☺
Perhaps you could edit your story... it's really hard to read since spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are just ruining the whole feel for me.
jtoughkat jtoughkat Nov 17, 2016
I like this part. May I suggest getting an editor to iron out your work. You are a good writer but the grammar and spelling errors are way out there.