Live For Me {BoyxBoy}

Live For Me {BoyxBoy}

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Mia By Apocalyptice Updated Jan 06, 2017

*Warning: Triggering!! Content includes suicidal thoughts, self-harm, attempted suicide, and depression. Please do not read if you are easily triggered.. I don't care if you really want to read, I don't want you to hurt yourself*

Jamie Loggan was rejected by his family when he was 13 for being gay, and they moved away to Europe for finally being "free". On the streets, he met boys who took him in. However, these boys deal drugs, and Jamie got into it, too. From then until now, he's 17 and has been bullied by one boy. Jamie doesn't even know the boy's name or why he targeted him... And without help, he spirals deeper into depression. 

The boy is named Taven Daniels. All his life, he and his mother have been abused by his father. In trying to relieve his anger, he targets one of the weakest kids he knows: Jamie. After ending up being a roommate to Jamie, Taven has no other ideas other than to make Jamie miserable. Before he's able to attack Jamie, he imprints and suddenly, he has affections for the boy he's torn down. 

After all the pain and suffering, could Taven save Jamie before it's too late?