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Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

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Aba_chan01 By NANO172 Updated 7 days ago

(Y/n) is the younger sister of Gon. Being younger by one year, (Y/n)'s brother protects her with his life. But going to the Hunter exam, Gon isn't the only one looking out to protect her. With new friends along the way, enemy's to despise, (Y/n) starts her journey. Oh and don't forget the love, that might be blooming between two people.....
This is a reader insert of Hunter x Hunter. And yes it's a Killua x Reader fanfic!!!!! 

It's like those oldish dudes from Fairy Tail 
                              They keep freaking out when someone says the their wife is coming
arcenasgirl arcenasgirl Apr 04, 2016
I rather have a large bust right now even if im only 12, and im not ashamed
Boom_Skyress Boom_Skyress Jul 28, 2016
🚨🚨🚨 PEDO CLOWN PEDO CLOWN 🚨🚨🚨 Please evacuate immediately
Hybridi Hybridi May 15, 2016
I believe you mean sheath. Stealth is being sneaky. Simmilar to when using 'Zetsu'. A sheath is the sword cover. (I sound like Kurapika lolz ;3)
ArcticBeaWolf ArcticBeaWolf Dec 30, 2016
*throws phone backwards and walks away* f dis sheet I'm out!
Lizzy3000 Lizzy3000 Jun 30, 2016
I'm actually crying of laughter because I thought of the episode where he said that and the word "SWING" was behind him.