Missing Misaki - Junjou Romantica

Missing Misaki - Junjou Romantica

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Misaki  is late coming home from school one day, Usagi who was at a meeting so he couldn't pick him up that day, gets worried when he realizes Misaki isn't home yet. Usagi starts to desperately search for his Misaki....

Junjou romantica fanfic 

This is yaio = boyXboy
No like? No read, simple ^-^

This is mostly or all going to be from Usagi POV because, well Misaki is kind of missing

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rando33 rando33 Sep 22, 2017
"and a long hair Foreigner dog he's name is Alexander "  Seriously Is Misaki can receives short psychic visions of the future events or what?!  ⊙﹏⊙
GalaxyScarlet GalaxyScarlet Oct 13, 2017
Oh.......oh my.....
                              *screaming yesssssss you get ass*(thought)
                              I have a weird and dirty mind.😐😐😐😐😐
rando33 rando33 Sep 22, 2017
Hmmm this leads us to only 2 suspect 
                              Sumi Senpai and Ijuuin Sensei
rando33 rando33 Sep 22, 2017
Like why CAN'T we have someone like Usagi San care and love us π-π
InsomniaGhost InsomniaGhost Mar 09, 2017
No, he'll be filling Misaki if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ✖ _ ✖ )
Yaoi_Queen_Bleh Yaoi_Queen_Bleh Jul 18, 2016
People that don't know much about names in the anime will be like who tf is suzuki-san 
                              Well it's usageh favorite bear you see I think in every episode