The Rise of the Legendary Warrior | Currently Undergoing Heavy Editing

The Rise of the Legendary Warrior | Currently Undergoing Heavy Editing

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Zara Mae Ivy By Z_M_Ivy Updated Sep 17

Warrior High.

A school for the talented.

The Legendary Seven

Saskia Carmichael.

A recipe for disaster. 


Warrior High is an esteemed, prestigious school for the talented holding ambitious young students who wish to fight to banish the evil and protect the lands.









The eight main elements which have awakened again in the hearts of young soldiers. They are the most powerful elements and have not been seen since the war 3,000 years ago.

But the time has come for the leaders to rise again as many innocent blood has been tainted, and spilled onto the ground which they tread. Many have died in the constant battles of victory, however their deaths have not gone in vain as hope is bloomed in the hearts of the people and new warriors have risen.

The legendary seven are seven young students who are the most promising in becoming leaders to banish the evil and spread hope in the people. Their bravery and courage will save the innocents from the demons and as the nation's hope grows, so does something else.

The anger of a pure soul.

No one knows it but everyone's lives will change as the leader of the seven awakens and spreads her fury to get her the name of the 'Chosen one'.

And lastly,

Many are awed by her strength and her magic but they could not believe that her aura was changing into something more. She was more restless to kill the evil demons and thirstier for revenge to satisfy her need for justice. She has instilled fear into demons as their real challenge comes for them but she has also spread courage and bravery. 

Her name is Ariella.
Ariella is a force to be reckoned with, with many secrets that cause's the students' to be weary and cautious of her but also admire her.

She's a mystery,

and a dangerous one at that.

Important Note: WARNING, written when young, still editing. 

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meme7candy meme7candy Mar 24
Beautifully written book that catches the eye of reader who love fantasy and like a good mystery
TheFlash105 TheFlash105 Jun 11
An interesting idea, a very interesting set up, and you clearly write well.
papipoop papipoop Mar 21
I guess you can say that this is the only one that matters... xD k sorry lol
- - Feb 10
I haven't started reading the book but I'm super excited! You did an amazing job with the makes it seem so interesting... Oh, also I love you style of writing keep up the good work :D
Bless you for actually naming this element that gets so overlooked.
RockNRoll16 RockNRoll16 Jun 21
Hah I got it....Very...... similar to Valaleria from the celestial knights (wht a coincidence *wink*)