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The Awakening | Heavily Editing

The Awakening | Heavily Editing

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Zara Mae Ivy By Z_M_Ivy Updated Sep 17, 2016

"Who is she?"

                                              "Who is she? A girl that's going to save us one day."
One day, in a world that was divided by light and dark, seven heroes rose up to vanquish evil. A world that held uncountable mysteries and dangers lurking in the shadows, yet all were united in one front. Seen as saviours of the land and people that had been blessed by the gods' themselves, they had resisted the repressive nature of the dark; they were heroes, worshipped by the people and hailed as deities. 

They were called The Legendary Seven. 

Battle after battle ensued, the dark forces rising against the light, seeing them as a threat to their existence. Their strength grew and grew, their souls radiating with such purity and virtue that they had to have succeeded...and they did. Through their sheer determination, they fought with a united front gathering all the strength within them and firing with a passion that many would remember. 

However, one day they vanished. No trace of them being found, the elements they wielded lost to the world as once again people became oppressed, evil taking its claim and eating away at anything that threatened the darkness. 

But no more for new heroes have been reborn, the elements once again seen after three thousand years. Water, earth, air, shadow, spirit, light and plasma; they were once again found, all but Hope, a foreign aspect in the land was once again mounting, the elements carried by seven young adults. 

Saskia didn't know how she ended up in Islark, knowing she had an important quest to finish and yet something called her towards it, beckoning her forward. In the end, she found herself making a life-changing decision that started the bindings of her fate; her destiny. 

"Welcome to Clandestine Academy, the institute of secrets."
Fantasy Rank: 05/03/2016 #6

Skia_Surke Skia_Surke Mar 18
I thought Will Solace.... I NEED to stop think about Percy Jackson :T
TheFlash105 TheFlash105 Jun 14, 2016
Artfully crafted, you got just the right balance of description and action. I really  like the use of the spirit animal.
meme7candy meme7candy Mar 24, 2016
Beautifully written book that catches the eye of reader who love fantasy and like a good mystery
The_Grouchy_cat The_Grouchy_cat Jul 18, 2016
While this is a great outlook to have in life, it is important to know that weakness walks hand in hand with strength, and in having your characters experiencing said weakness, results in their spiritual and mental growth, it also makes your characters more easily relatable...
Star_Bubbles56 Star_Bubbles56 Jul 17, 2016
For some reason I thought of game of thrones " Winter is coming" and I don't know why?!!
The_Grouchy_cat The_Grouchy_cat Jul 18, 2016
Great chapter, a few minor mistakes, but it's very gripping. I can see myself spending countless hours getting to know your protagonist! Please excuse the constant rectifying of your miniscule mistakes, One would find me to be very OCD...