The Moon Stealers and the Quest for the Silver Bough (Book 1)

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Tim Flanagan By TimFlanagan Completed
Peter Crisp, a boy with an unusual gift of being able to see things that others cannot, goes missing after spending the night in a graveyard. Two of Peter's school friends join forces with a Knight of King Arthur to attempt to find him but come across some mysterious engravings which propel them on an adventure beyond their imagination.
    Meanwhile MI6 operative Steven Knight is sent from London to investigate a meteor landing site, but Steven is advised by his own boss not to trust the puppeteers that hold the strings to his investigation. Within the core of the meteor is an alien bacteria that evolves at an alarming rate that not only puts Steven's life at risk, but the entire human race.
    By unravelling ancient codes and riddles the children journey within the bowels of Edinburgh Castle as they attempt to find the key to Peter’s disappearance. The children not only need to save Peter, they need to save the world while they’re at it.
Amazing. Love love love this next chapter - I knew I was making a right decision by reading on ;D I am surprised that not many others were doing the same. 
                                    A story likes this deserves much more attention.
Ohh! Great descriptions! Really well written, cool story, plus leaves us hanging in the end! Well done!